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The best Yacht Management Services in Koh Samui

Keep your investment safe, get the maximum profit or just enjoy your yacht to the fullest without any worries. Whatever your are looking for with more than 12 years of experience in managing different sized yachts in the Gulf of Thailand is your first choice.  

With a extensive knowledge in all four important sectors of yachting (operations, accounting, maintenance, administration) we are confident to give you the best service for your yacht.

Our service starts from choosing a yacht to buy, over charter, refit, maintain your yacht, up to selling it, after showing a profitable income. We live the world of yachting and there is no challenge too big for us.


Marketing with our large local and oversea network


Crew management

Safety management

Charter management

Maintenance: & Accounting
Preventive maintenance
Suppliers relationships
Supply and spare part management

Live Accounting (track it online)
Full cost control
Live Accounting

Local registration
Insurance for guest and boat

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