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Koh Tao & Nang Yuan

For a daytrip to Koh Tao you need to book a private motor yacht. If you have more time at your hands a multi day cruise with one of our live-aboard yachts is something you will remember for life.

In the 1947 two men reached Koh Tao from the neighbouring Koh Phangan by trying out their traditional sail boat, for that time a quite long and dangerous journey. These pioneers then claimed a good part of the land on today's Sairee Beach. Having brought their families over, they began to cultivate the excellent soil, forming the first generation of the present-day community. They lived a simple and tough life harvesting coconuts, fishing, and growing vegetables, which were also traded with neighbouring islands.

koh tao map

In the 1980s overseas travellers began to visit Ko Tao and quickly became a popular destination. As a consequence, bigger, faster and safer boats were used to allow easier access to Ko Tao. In the 1990s the island became known as a diving site.

Today, Koh Tao is the nr 1 destiantion for snorkeling & diving in the gulf of Thailand. The reason for the good visibility lays in the relatively deep water around the island (around the 30m mark) while Koh Samui has only 5-7m depth. The most famous beaches are Sairee Beach and Koh Nang Yuan.

Sairee Beach is the longest and most developed beach on the island and there is a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, diving centers and bars in the area around the beach. Here you’ll also find the active night life with fire shows and music. The beach has shallow waters and a coral reef to snorkel on just 30 meters from the shore.

koh nang yuan

Koh Nang Yuan is a group of 3 small islands which are connected by sand strips – situated just a few 100 meters off Koh Taos north west coast. It is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Snorkeling is awesome here. It costs 100 bath to enter the island and it closes at 17:00 PM. The beauty of the spot attracts hordes of tourists which are shuttled in daily by large ferries and other tour-boats. If you want to experience Koh Nang Yuan in a more private setting we recommend to book an overnight trip with one of our liveaboard yachts.

Luckily there are plenty of other beaches around Koh Tao which offer this sought after privacy and serenity:

Sai Daeng Beach
Sai Daeng Beach is a very quiet beach with well-preserved coral reefs. It is also known as Coral Beach as this beach has lots of coral sand and the water is clear. You have two nice restaurants on the beaches for drinks or lunch. This spot has crystal clear water and a fantastic view of Shark Island.
Several good snorkeling sites can be enjoyed in this area and is it not uncommon to spot Blacktip reef sharks and sea turtles.

koh tao by private boat2

Tian Og Bay
This beach is both beautiful, quiet and relaxing. It´s nickname ”Shark Bay” has been given as you often see black tip reef sharks in the bay. The larger sharks found in the bay live a little further out and where it is deeper at the bottom. Here, if you are lucky, you can also get to see green turtles, because they live in Shark Bay. They are both friendly and unafraid of people and can get very close. Remember not to touch them because our bacteria are harmful to turtles and here in Shark Bay is the only place where they still remain.

Freedom Beach
Here you can find shade under the great Pemphis Acidula trees and a lot of sun in the rest of the beach. It is shallow and the water is often crystal clear and it is a great place to snorkel on. Swim around the point where you can see Hin Taa Toh / Buddha Rock stand out on the Cape. The fish thrive here because of water movement.
Taa Toh Lek Beach, a small isolated beach that is surrounded by jungle. From here you can do a hike to Saan Jao Beach by a cemented walkway along the water. The end of this hike is at Chalok Baan Koh Bay – which hosts a resort where refreshments can be obtained. This is a great place to watch the sunset.

koh tao private beach

Sai Nuan Beach 1 and 2
Sai Nuan Beach actually consists of two beaches, Sai Nuan 1 and 2. Those two are small beaches where nr 1 has only few bungalows on the beach. It is small and away from the crowd and during certain times of the year it is almost deserted. Beach nr 2, on the other hand, has two restaurants and a beautiful wooden house built of rough tree trunks, Banana rock. Where they serve only drinks of various kinds and they play great Music. The beach has fine white sand and the water is turquoise. Depending on the season great snorkeling can be enjoyed here. At the two large boulders near Sai Nuan 2 a lot of fish and even green turtles have been spotted here.

Jansom Bay
Jansom Bay is a small bay with great snorkeling again.

koh tao snorkeling2

Mango Bay
Mango Bay is located on the north side of the island and the best way  to get here is by longtail boat from the Sairee beach. This beach got it’s name from being a place where mango trees used to be grown. It is a small romantic beach but a large bay with coral reefs on both sides.

Tanote Bay
Yet another scenic beach were you can snorkel and climb up on the big rock and jump into the water.

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