Mu Ko Lanta Marine Park

While the islands near the coast of popular tourist destinations are easy to reach for day visitors and are therefore often overcrowded, the real fun of private yachting begins with the more distant islands. These include the islands of Koh Lanta Marine National Park, most of which can be enjoyed as exclusively and privately as your own yacht. 

Instead of infrastructure and tourist accommodation, they offer incomparable beauty and breathtaking landscapes in their untouched naturalness. And of course stunning snorkeling and diving spots. And instead of selfie-shooting sunscreen bodies, you'll find real, heartfelt sea gypsies here, with their remarkable cultural appeal, unique customs and festivals long buried elsewhere.


Koh Rok Islands (Rok Nok & Rok Nai)

Koh Rok is our favorite island. There are actually two islands, Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai, which are separated by a channel about 200 meters wide. But both equally stunningly beautiful, on land with its subtropical forests, as well as underwater amidst a colorful swarm of marine life. Thailand at its best!

Except for dazzling white sandy beaches, blue water, palm trees, a ranger station and restaurant, small fishing boats and vibrant coral reefs, there is pretty much nothing here 30km from the mainland - and that's the biggest plus.

The reef system bordering the islands is truly beautiful and offers world-class snorkeling and diving - there are several popular spots with names like Seafan Garden and Bermuda Ridge.

Koh Ha (Ko Haa, Tuk Narima Island - Lanta)

The largest of the five limestone islands west of Koh Lanta in Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park, Koh Ha is truly a tropical paradise. No wonder that fishermen and sea gypsies felt so at home there in the past. The full lushness of the natural beauty is picturesque and invites you to dream. Those who prefer to jump into the water should not forget their diving goggles, because the real life of this island takes place under water.

The Koh Ha Islands have some amazing underwater caves. You can safely enter the caves through their large entrances. The best time to dive into the caves is at sunrise, when sunlight bathes the water a gorgeous emerald hue. The natural light that shines through the underwater caves creates a magical experience that is difficult to put into words. Two of the three caves are connected by a large round swim-through channel. The third cavern is the largest and is often referred to as the Cathedral.

Koh Ngai (Ko Hai)

Koh Ngai is a natural paradise with white palm beaches, turquoise water and dense, green jungle. About 15km from the mainland and only 5sq km in size, it still offers a few bungalow resorts, various palm-fringed beaches with some wonderful reefs, and a dense jungle with a great viewpoint.

Koh Mook (Ko Muk)

Koh Mook is a small idyllic island in the Andaman Sea, which consists mostly of deep, untouched jungle and intact nature. You can also experience peaceful village life in charming Baan Koh Mook, which even has a few simple restaurants serving freshly caught fish and seafood. Nightlife is limited to a few cold beers in the beach bar. Fine!

The name Koh Muk means something like "pearl", and if you look at the coast alone, you will know why: it is lined with palm trees, gigantic cliffs and beautiful beaches. The snow-white Sivalai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches far and wide.

A special highlight, which can only be reached by private boat, is the hidden lagoon. The entrance is hidden under cliffs and leads into an approximately 80 meter long, water-flooded, pitch-dark tunnel called Emerald Cave. This used to be a hideout for pirates, and you can imagine that this was a perfect hideout! At the end of the tunnel you reach the beautiful, emerald-green lagoon with a dreamy white beach, surrounded by high cliffs and jungle. If you have protected your smartphone well from water on the way, you can now take the pictures of your life...

Koh Kradan

With only 2.5 square kilometers, Koh Kradan is one of the smallest islands in Thailand - and one of the big insider tips among the Thai dream islands. You won't find shops, nightlife and supermarkets here, because the islet consists mainly of jungle and beautiful, quiet beaches with great coral reefs and a few small resorts with restaurants or quaint beach bars.

Explore & enjoy
♥ Stunning nature
♥ Swimming & snorkeling
♥ Secluded bays
♥ Scuba diving
♥ White sandy beaches
♥ Off the beaten tracks
♥ Spectacular rocks
Marine Park fee
In this area additional a park fee have to be paid in cash to the Park Rangers.
Due to Thailand’s official double pricing system, the fee per person might be different for Thai nationals and foreigners, adults and kids. The maximum (for foreign adults) is about 300 THB each.

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Lagoon 45ft


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Lagoon 45ft


2 days / 1 night
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98,000 THB
Princess Yachts 54ft

Nong Som

2 days / 1 night
(incl. pax) from
230,000 THB
Tachou 76ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 8 pax) from
400,000 THB
Falcon 106ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 10 pax) from
780,000 THB

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