Ang Thong National Marine Park (Golden Bowl)

If this isn't paradise, what else is? The Marine Park Ang Thong extends to almost 250sq km, about 25 nautical miles from Koh Samui. Hundreds of small limestone islands and karst topography await you, which rise from the sea as dramatic rock cliffs and bizarre rock formations.

And a few hundred more beaches at this archipelago are just deserted. If that sounds too boring for you, you can look forward to caves, hidden lagoons and exciting hiking tours as well as spectacular vantage points.

Main island is Ko Wua Talap, that contains park headquarters as well as tourist information center, a restaurant, a cave, some basic tourist bungalows as well as a famous view point. More wildlife and fauna are found on Wua Talap, which is home to groups of monkeys (Dusky langurs), and sea turtles, tortoises, monitor lizards, pythons and wild boars are regularly sighted. Some 50 species of birds twirl through the unspoilt jungle as well.

It is an absolutely unique experience to visit Ang Thong National Park by private yacht and stay a few nights enjoying the wondrous surroundings to yourself.

With a powerboat you can reach the islands of Koh Samui within about 1 hour, a sailing boat takes about 3.5 hours.

Koh Mae Koh

One of the most exotic-looking islands of the Ang Thong National Marine Park: Koh Mae Koh is a sleepy little island, marked by emerald-green waters of the Talay Nai sea in the laps of towering limestone mountains.

The island is a beautiful cluster of powdery beaches, mountains, and secret caves harbouring stalactites and stalagmites. Far away from the busting coasts of other islands, Koh Mae Koh also nurtures a beautiful diversity of marine and wildlife.

Surrounding spots
Koh Mae Koh
Explore & enjoy
♥ Swimming & snorkeling
♥ Kayakig
♥ Breathtaking sunsets
♥ Secluded bays
♥ Scuba diving
♥ Hiking
♥ White sandy beaches
♥ Crystal clear waters
♥ Idyllic Lagoons
♥ Viewpoint(s)
Marine Park fee
In this area additional a park fee have to be paid in cash to the Park Rangers.
Due to Thailand’s official double pricing system, the fee per person might be different for Thai nationals and foreigners, adults and kids. The maximum (for foreign adults) is about 300 THB each.

Rent a boat from Koh Samui to Ang Thong National Marine Park (Golden Bowl)

Gulf Craft Dubai 36ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
33,500 THB
Hanse 54ft


Price (incl. 4 pax) from
36,000 THB
Custom Build 52ft

Samui's Goody

Price (incl. 10 pax) from
95,000 THB

Rent Yacht Vacation on a boat from Phuket
including Ang Thong National Marine Park (Golden Bowl)

Lagoon 45ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 4 pax) from
84,000 THB
Hanse 54ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 4 pax) from
90,000 THB
Seawind 33ft


3 days / 2 nights
(incl. 5 pax) from
95,300 THB
Lagoon 45ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 4 pax) from
98,000 THB
Custom Build 46ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 8 pax) from
160,000 THB
Princess Yachts 54ft

Nong Som

2 days / 1 night
(incl. pax) from
230,000 THB
Tachou 76ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 8 pax) from
400,000 THB
Falcon 106ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 10 pax) from
780,000 THB

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