Phi Phi Islands

There are not many places on earth that are so stunningly beautiful and famous; The Phi Phi archipelago consists of six picturesquely beautiful islands full of limestone hills, turquoise lagoons and dream beaches, in the middle of the Andamen Sea Marine National Park.

With the exception of Phi Phi Don, the tourist hotspot with hotels, restaurants and bars, all the islands are undeveloped, but thanks to their fame they are very popular. Visitors flock from all over the world to admire Maya Bay (the film set of "The Beach"), to pose for photos in front of breathtaking scenery or to plunge into the crystal-clear underwater world to admire the magnificent coral reefs and their inhabitants.

It's worth hiring a private yacht to see these beauties in their true splendor off-peak.

Phi Phi Don Island

Phi-Phi Don is the lively sister of the island group. A hedonistic paradise where visitors cavort by day in azure seas and party all night on soft sand. Here in Tonsai Village in the main bay there is everything that is typically associated with Thailand: hotels and restaurants of all classes, bars, massage parlors, tattoo studios and shops.

But Phi Phi -Don also has some other highlights to offer:

  • Monkey Beach, which can only be reached by water
  • Loh Dalum Beach, a popular destination for tourists with several hotels, restaurants, and a legendary party scene along the beach
  • Phi Phi Viewpoint, which is a challenge to climb in the Thai heat but guarantees magnificent views.
Phi Phi Leh

Phi Phi Leh is the sister island of Phi Phi Don and the part of the Phi Phi archipelago that attracts tourists from all over the world. It offers four attractions that include the most photographed locations in Thailand:

  • Maya Bay, the location of "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Pi Leh Bay on the opposite eastern side
  • Loh Sama (Sama Bay), separated from Maya Bay by a tall limestone cliff, which can be reached at low tide through a short tunnel in the cliff
  • Viking cave on the northern end of Phi Phi Leh, a natural cave in the base of a limestone cliff.



Maya Bay

This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Thailand: known from the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCabrio, and still a unique beauty: Maya Bay on Phi Phi Island.

Due to the large streams of visitors in the past few decades, however, nature has suffered so much that access has now been restricted. Boats can no longer drive directly into the bay, but have to drop their guests off at another location so that they can then walk to the dream bay via a footpath. Apart from taking pictures, there isn't much else to do - swimming is forbidden, and lying on the beach between snapping crowds is rather uncomfortable.

Pi Leh Lagoon (Pileh)

This lagoon, part of the Phi Phi Islands, is a small enclosed cove which can be reached by boat. It is almost exactly across from Maya Bay on the same island of Phi Phi Leh. After passing through a small inletit surprises with breathtaking natural beauty of surreal limestone cliffs around and the stunning clear waters.

Viking Cave (Bird nests cave / Tham Phaya Nak)

Viking Cave is one of the most notable natural sites on Koh Phi Phi Leh. The cave is located at the foot of a high limestone cliff in the northeast of the island and is only accessible by boat.

Locally called Tham Phaya Nak, the Viking Cave owes its name to the paintings on the east and south walls of the cave - they depict different types of boats, including something resembling a Scandinavian drakkar (Viking ship). A local legend has it that long ago sailors lost their boat during a storm and got stuck without food. But a colony of swifts lived in the cave, and the pirates managed to survive by eating their nests.

Monkey Beach (Loh Dalum, Yong Gasem Bay)

Monkey Beach, also called Yong Gasem Bay, is only a few hundred meters from the lively center of Koh Phi Phi Island. It can only be reached by boat by boat, it is natural and gleams with fine white sand and clear turquoise water.

This beach belongs to the monkeys. They live here and enthusiastically pounce on visitors hoping for food or something else interesting to steal. This can also be your Rolex or the Versage handbag. Watch after!
Attention: Feeding the monkeys is forbidden, touching is not recommended, but photography is allowed!

Mosquito Island (Koh Yung)

Mosquito Island is another gem of the Koh Phi Phi archipelago. The island is 6 km north of Koh Phi Phi Don and has a very beautiful beach in front of a spectacular rocky backdrop on the east side of the island. An offshore coral bank invites you to snorkel in the crystal clear water. Fewer day tourists land here than on the other islands in the Koh Phi Phi archipelago.

Bamboo Island (Koh Mai Phai)

There isn't much to do on Bamboo Island. It's just a small spot in the Andamen Sea about 2.7 nautical miles north of Phi Phi Don. But this tiny, heart-shaped island should not be missed if you love snorkeling and diving.

Nui Bay

Of all the bays on Koh Phi Phi Don, Nui Bay is the most beautiful. The white sandy beach is nestled between lush vegetation and falls into turquoise waters. The upstream Camel Rock (Camel Rock) contributes to the picturesque backdrop.
The dreamlike scenery at Nui Beach is no longer an insider tip, but in the morning you have the bay to yourself.

Explore & enjoy
♥ Stunning nature
♥ Party & Nightlife
♥ Swimming & snorkeling
♥ Kayakig
♥ Secluded bays
♥ Scuba diving
♥ Meet Monkeys
♥ Cave exploring
♥ Hiking
♥ White sandy beaches
♥ Crystal clear waters
♥ Spectacular rocks
♥ Viewpoint(s)
♥ Fishing spot
Marine Park fee
In this area additional a park fee have to be paid in cash to the Park Rangers.
Due to Thailand’s official double pricing system, the fee per person might be different for Thai nationals and foreigners, adults and kids. The maximum (for foreign adults) is about 400 THB each.

Full-day trips to Phi Phi Islands

Custom Build 40ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
31,900 THB
Stealth Catamaran 36ft

Hot Billy

Price (incl. 8 pax) from
38,000 THB
Asia Catamarans 47ft

See & Explore

Price (incl. 15 pax) from
52,000 THB
Custom Build 53ft


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68,200 THB
Bertram 50ft


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90,000 THB
Leopard 43ft


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91,600 THB
Azimut 50ft


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97,000 THB
Sky 53ft

Cats Eye

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95,000 THB
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Little Prince

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93,400 THB
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92,500 THB
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Pink Princess

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96,000 THB
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Ocean Lady

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129,000 THB
Riva 70ft


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139,250 THB
Posillipo Technema 82ft


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150,000 THB
Riviera 58ft


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150,000 THB
Princess Yachts 60ft

Maya Bee

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158,900 THB
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Touch you

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220,000 THB
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224,300 THB
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Prince S

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224,300 THB
Leopard 90ft


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320,000 THB
Princess Yachts 78ft


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299,000 THB
Sunseeker 90ft

Sunseeker 90

Price (incl. 8 pax) from
344,800 THB

Overnight trips including Phi Phi Islands

Azimut 50ft


2 days (incl. 4 pax) from
189,000 THB
Azimut 50ft


3 days (incl. 4 pax) from
289,000 THB
Bilgin 98ft

Billy Jean

3 days (incl. 8 pax) from
950,000 THB

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