Phang Nga Bay (Khao Phing Kan)

No film director could ever dream up such a breathtaking setting. As far as the eye can see, it abounds in bright green and blue, and a mystical landscape of thousands of rock formations that rise out of the emerald waters like monuments of eternity. It's one of the few occasions in the world where you can still watch (some) people put down their phones and just enjoy the overwhelming beauty instead of trying to force it through the camera lens.

The approximately 120 islands of Phang Nga Bay offer every imaginable opportunity to experience pure nature and to explore secluded beaches, hidden tidal caves, hidden lagoons and laid-back locals at unique villages like from another age on a few square kilometers.

While of course many tour operators bring guests from all over the world to this beauty, the best way to enjoy the unique atmosphere and stunning scenery is on a private yacht. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Koh Yao Yai & Noi

Ko Yao Yai in Phang Nga Bay is the larger of the two big islands in the Ko Yao Archipelago. Its name simply means 'big long island', in contrast to its sister island Ko Yao Noi (Little long Island).

Two worlds meet here: On the one hand, you can still get to know the old Thialand here, Thailand that seemed untouched before tourism came. On the other hand, some of the best hotels in Thailand are represented on Yao Yai.

The island offers some beaches, discovery tours by bike or moped, and of course some infrastructure, albeit much more rudimentary than, for example, in Phuket.

Koh Hong (Phang Nga Bay)

One of the insider tips of the Phang Nga National Park: Koh Hong Island, which has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. Hong means "space" in Thai, and you quickly learn why the island is so called: Every day - in a period of just half an hour - you can swim or wade through a narrow gap in the rock and arrive at a grotto surrounded by cliffs, which is open at the top. A very exotic room...
A dreamy beach in the midst of this unreal environment is just waiting guest which like to enjoy the exclusive envoirement.

James Bond Island (Koh Tapu)

Most of us will never, like 007 in "The Man with the Golden Gun," dove into the fantastic scenery of Phang Nga Bay in a seaplane and hunt down evil criminals in underground facilities hiding under one of the spiky rock formations. But it is still worth visiting this wondrous spot, which Hollywood gave it its name "James Bond Island", and admire the unmistakable silhouette.

Koh Panyee (Ko Panji)

Koh Panyee is a fantastic example of Asian pragmatism: Because Malay fishermen in the late 18th century were unable to purchase land in Thailand, the nomads built this famous floating village on stilts in the sea. Today the village is a permanent fixture and home to around 1,700 descendants. They even built a whole soccer field on the water...

Koh Pa Nak (Panak Island)

Koh Panak is located southwest of Koh Hong, where there are many caves and hidden lagoons around the island. Some caves can be reached by kayak, others have a very high entrance that tourists have to climb. The most popular attractions are Khang Khao Cave, Ice Cream Cave and Gong Gang Cave

Koh Kudo

Koh Kudu is a small group of islands and affords good shelter in both seasons. A useful stopover when heading south from Phang Nga for Krabi.

Koh Nok

The small island of Koh Nok is ideal for a trip to lunch or sunset.

You can also climb a small hill from where you have a great view of the area. However, the way there is very steep and can only be managed with the help of ropes.

Explore & enjoy
♥ Swimming & snorkeling
♥ Kayakig
♥ Secluded bays
♥ Scuba diving
♥ Water sports (Towing toys)
♥ Meet Monkeys
♥ Cave exploring
♥ Paddle boarding
♥ Adventures
♥ White sandy beaches
♥ Crystal clear waters
♥ Spectacular rocks
♥ Viewpoint(s)
♥ Fishing spot
♥ Climbing
Marine Park fee
In this area additional a park fee have to be paid in cash to the Park Rangers.
Due to Thailand’s official double pricing system, the fee per person might be different for Thai nationals and foreigners, adults and kids. The maximum (for foreign adults) is about 300 THB each.

Half-day trips to Phang Nga Bay (Khao Phing Kan)

Princess Yachts 65ft

Ocean Lady

Price (incl. 10 pax) from
89,000 THB

Full-day trips to Phang Nga Bay (Khao Phing Kan)

Admiral SA 40ft

The Admiral

Price (incl. 6 pax) from
20,000 THB
Custom Build 40ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
24,200 THB
Custom Build 48ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
48,000 THB
Grand Banks 53ft

The Grandfather

Price (incl. 12 pax) from
48,000 THB
Leopard 43ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
68,200 THB
King Yacht 70ft

Princess of Siam

Price (incl. 20 pax) from
59,000 THB
Bertram 50ft


Price (incl. 8 pax) from
90,000 THB
Azimut 50ft


Price (incl. 8 pax) from
97,000 THB
Sky 53ft

Cats Eye

Price (incl. 10 pax) from
95,000 THB
Princess Yachts 42ft

Little Prince

Price (incl. 8 pax) from
93,400 THB
Marquis 50ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
92,500 THB
Princess Yachts 54ft

Pink Princess

Price (incl. 12 pax) from
85,000 THB
Princess Yachts 65ft

Ocean Lady

Price (incl. 10 pax) from
119,000 THB
Riviera 58ft


Price (incl. 8 pax) from
120,000 THB
Baglietto 90ft


Price (incl. 15 pax) from
112,100 THB
Riva 70ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
139,250 THB
Custom Build 115ft


Price (incl. 50 pax) from
149,500 THB
Princess Yachts 60ft

Maya Bee

Price (incl. 8 pax) from
158,900 THB
SPLO Yachts 74ft


Price (incl. 12 pax) from
190,000 THB
Tachou 76ft

Touch you

Price (incl. 12 pax) from
168,200 THB
Sunseeker 70ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
224,300 THB
Princess Yachts 65ft

Prince S

Price (incl. 10 pax) from
224,300 THB
Leopard 90ft


Price (incl. 12 pax) from
300,000 THB
Princess Yachts 78ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
299,000 THB
Sunseeker 90ft

Sunseeker 90

Price (incl. 8 pax) from
344,800 THB
Astondoa GLX 102ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
327,000 THB
Falcon 106ft


Price (incl. 15 pax) from
390,000 THB
Bilgin 98ft

Billy Jean

Price (incl. 8 pax) from
350,000 THB
Soraya Yachts 154ft

Navis One

Price (incl. 8 pax) from
1,110,000 THB

Overnight trips including Phang Nga Bay (Khao Phing Kan)

Bilgin 98ft

Billy Jean

2 days (incl. 8 pax) from
700,000 THB
Bilgin 98ft

Billy Jean

3 days (incl. 8 pax) from
950,000 THB

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