Koh Samui

Koh Samui offers miles of fantastic beach scenery to explore on a private yacht trip. It doesn't matter whether it's a day trip or liveaboard, there are spots for every taste and every weather condition.

Most boat tours start in the north of the island, right across from the sister island of Koh Phangan, which is also a popular destination with its beautiful bays and beaches.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan: Samui's sister island, 7 miles north of Koh Samui, offers many secluded beaches, which are only accessible by boat, very good snorkelling spots in the North and the West, waterfalls and lush green hills that also guard a beautiful, dense jungle.

On a private yacht trip you will find plenty of pleasant anchorages.
Phangan can be fully explored within 2-3 days, and on full moon nights you can experience the party of your life here - if you like crowds.

Koh Som (Orange Island, Koh Lum Mu Noi))

Located just off the north-eastern corner of the main island, this pair of islands (Koh Som and Koh Lum Mu Noi) is the best destination for half-day tours or those who like our short drive.

With idyllic beaches, excellent snorkeling and a small restaurant, it is a perfect place to sit and admire the Silouette from (or the suset over) Koh Samui

Koh Madsum (Pig Island, Koh Mutsum)

Another picturesque tropical paradise off the southern coast of Koh Samui, close to Koh Taen: Koh Madsum is one of the smaller islands around Koh Samui with beaches bordered by beautiful sandy stretches.

In recent years, it has gained greater popularity thanks to pictures on social media of bathers with the island's stars: a horde of pigs. They are not afraid of contact, but are quite willing to pose for a selfie in return for a small edible service.
Beside of that Koh Madsum shelters a quiet restaurant and a bar.

Koh Taen

Nestled along the southern end of Samui close to Koh Madsum, Koh Taen is one of the most delightful islands at Samui archipelago. A perfect respite for adventure enthusiasts who wish for solitude amidst nature.

The idyllic white-sand beaches are home to plenty of vibrant coral reefs, which are worth to visit by snorkeling. But there is more to explore: Hiking through the verdant mangrove forests.

Koh Rap (Deer Island)

Koh Rap offers a tranquil, deserted island feel. Recently opened to public, it is home of deers, fawns and pigs that happily cool down in the clear waters. In addition, the island in Samui South offers amazing selfies, clear crystal waters, a reef and white powdery sand.

Ang Thong National Marine Park (Golden Bowl)

If this isn't paradise, what else is? The Marine Park Ang Thong extends to almost 250sq km, about 25 nautical miles from Koh Samui. Hundreds of small limestone islands and karst topography await you, which rise from the sea as dramatic rock cliffs and bizarre rock formations.

And a few hundred more beaches at this archipelago are just deserted. If that sounds too boring for you, you can look forward to caves, hidden lagoons and exciting hiking tours as well as spectacular vantage points.

Main island is Ko Wua Talap, that contains park headquarters as well as tourist information center, a restaurant, a cave, some basic tourist bungalows as well as a famous view point. More wildlife and fauna are found on Wua Talap, which is home to groups of monkeys (Dusky langurs), and sea turtles, tortoises, monitor lizards, pythons and wild boars are regularly sighted. Some 50 species of birds twirl through the unspoilt jungle as well.

It is an absolutely unique experience to visit Ang Thong National Park by private yacht and stay a few nights enjoying the wondrous surroundings to yourself.

With a powerboat you can reach the islands of Koh Samui within about 1 hour, a sailing boat takes about 3.5 hours.

5 Bird Nest Islands (Ko Si Ko Ha)

There is something magical about these five islands in the southwest of Koh Samui. No matter where you are, you only ever see 4 of them. That's why the small archipelago is also called 4 islands - 5 islands (Ko Si - Ko Ha) in Thai.

But what makes them really special is that they are home to thousands of birds that build their nests in the rocks. These nests are coveted goods for Chinese gourmet markets and are collected under life-threatening circumstances.

Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

Koh Tao is the most popular island for divers far and wide. The deep water around (around 30m mark) ensures exceptionally good visibility and a rich range of marine life, including turtles, which is why there feels like there are more dive schools than bars on this island.

The longest and most developed beach on the island with a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, diving centers and bars is Sairee Beach. But there are nicer beaches, a bit hidden but easily accessible with a private yacht.

Nang Yuan

Situated just a few 100 meters off Koh Taos north west coast, Koh Nang Yuan counts to the most beautiful islands in the world. Actually it is a group of 3 small islands which are connected by sand strips, which are making the island looking like something out of a movie!  

Snorkeling is quite awesome here, and there are many diving spots around. As this attracts hordes of tourists, the island closes at 5pm and keep its beauty for those lucky people spending the night at the only accomendation on the island or on a private liveaboard yacht.

Explore & enjoy
♥ Stunning nature
♥ Swimming & snorkeling
♥ Kayakig
♥ Breathtaking sunsets
♥ Secluded bays
♥ Scuba diving
♥ Fullmoon Party
♥ Canoing
♥ White sandy beaches
♥ Spectacular rocks

Rent a boat from Koh Samui to Koh Samui

Seawind 33ft


Price (incl. 6 pax) from
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Custom Build 40ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
21,000 THB
Custom Build 46ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
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Fountain Pajot 43ft


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23,500 THB
Hanse 54ft


Price (incl. 2 pax) from
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Custom Build 72ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
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Rent a boat from Koh Samui to Koh Samui

Hanse 54ft


Price (incl. 4 pax) from
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Seawind 33ft


Price (incl. 6 pax) from
23,400 THB
Custom Build 46ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
26,500 THB
Custom Build 40ft


Price (incl. 10 pax) from
32,000 THB

Rent a boat from Koh Samui to Koh Samui

Seawind 33ft


Price (incl. 6 pax) from
31,700 THB

Rent Yacht Vacation on a boat from Phuket
including Koh Samui

Lagoon 45ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 4 pax) from
84,000 THB
Lagoon 45ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 4 pax) from
98,000 THB
Princess Yachts 54ft

Nong Som

2 days / 1 night
(incl. pax) from
230,000 THB
Tachou 76ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 8 pax) from
400,000 THB
Falcon 106ft


2 days / 1 night
(incl. 10 pax) from
780,000 THB

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